mp quality

Quality, quality, quality…
After more than 75 years’ production at our own factory, mp Denmark has deep-rooted values. We are dedicated, quality-conscious and credible – and we know a huge amount about the production of socks.

Quality means a great deal to us and we go out of our way to combine a good fit with a trendy design.

You should therefore know that we’ve worked very hard on your mp socks before they reach you. A pair of tights, for example, passes through 16 pairs of hands at our factory before we distribute them to retailers.

A few facts about quality socks from mp Denmark:

  • Unique knitting machines which mp has helped to develop with our long-standing business partners.
  • Yarn which has been optimised in close collaboration with suppliers that we’ve worked with for more than 25 years.
  • Yarns that are always fully dyed.

A reinforced heel has great importance for the durability and fit of the sock; amongst other things because a good heel prevents stress on the upper side of the sock.

As a result, mp socks have:

  • Even denser stitch fibres in the heel
  • A heel shape that matches the anatomy of the foot
  • Extra yarn in the heel
  • Extended production time so that the heel can undergo further attention

Furthermore, you can enjoy the fact that your sock from mp Denmark has:

  • A rib in which the height and design are carefully matched so that the sock stays up without feeling too tight.

mp Denmark demands that its suppliers possess certification that ensures that we look after the environment and each other.

By having our own factory we know exactly who’s working with the socks – and how they’re made. In other words, we control the entire value chain, in addition to which all our products are checked and measured in Denmark by specially trained personnel.